I think that cricket is a very cool, sport, and one of my favorite sports. I have only played it a couple of times, but those times were very fun for me and I really enjoyed the experience. Also, some of my friends play competitive cricket and they also enjoy it. For those of you who do do not know, cricket is a game where the bowler, or person who pitches the ball, throws it to the batsman, who tries to prevent the ball from hitting the wickets. He also tries to hit the ball as far as he can, but if it is caught without hitting the ground, the batter is out. If you have not tried playing cricket, I definitely recommend it, as it is a very fun sport. Also, cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, after soccer/futbol. So, don’t just take my advice to play cricket, but take the advice of the 120 million players around the world.Kent's slip corden waits for Ryan Sidebottom to snick one.


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