I think that some of the football plays made by even professional teams were so bad, they are just laughable. For example, last year, the Colts attempted a fake punt against the Patriots. Sounds normal, right? Well, it basically went all wrong. Nine of the players lined up on one side of the field, but the center and another player lined up on the other, with the ball. Therefore, the Patriots just sent two people over there, and the center could only block one of them. Needless to say, the punt failed and was ridiculed on the Internet. I have no idea what the coach or the players were thinking, but they apparently weren’t thinking very much at all. There have been many other examples of this as well. Once, the Eagles’ Jim Marshall picked up a 49ers fumble and returned it to the wrong end zone. heres-what-happened-on-the-colts-horrible-fake-punt--the-worst-play-in-nfl-historyConsequently, the 49ers scored a touchdown on their own fumble. If you’d like to see 10 bad plays, click on the link in the first sentence. Thank you for reading!


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